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Hot topic: Change IT – systemic IT consulting

We combine systemic change management with IT consulting to support our clients in the best possible way.

The most common requests of our clients: They want...

  • ... to work more efficiently with their customers, employees or partners.
  • ... to increase the performance of decentral teams.
  • ... their managers to lead more effectively.
  • ... to align their organization or department.
  • ... to get a holistic view on their organization and develop it accordingly.

If you have similar topics, do not hesitate to contact us. We support you in our four areas of expertise:

Organisational Development       Change Management            
• Strategy development
• Culture development
• Process consulting
• Communities of Practice
• Knowledge-Management
• Trainings & Workshops

• Change Projects
• Large group facilitation
• Change Workshops
• Change Controlling
• Change IT

Leadership Coaching
• Development programs
• Leadership workshops
• Leaving workforce workshops
• Feedback
• Individual Coaching
• Team Coaching
• Coaching for entrepreneurs


Systemic Consulting

We do not identify ourselves with the classical consulting image to come and tell you what you have to do in order to improve your issues (or even worse: To just show your other solutions that worked somehow elsewhere). As systemic consultants we develop solutions together with our clients based on strengths. As experts for solution processes we develop ways to solve issues where standards just won’t fit to your organizational logic. In order to be successful we also take your organizational culture into account.

Consulting and change processes usually work in loops. In the beginning we usually start building hypothesis on the organization and its key stakeholders. In the complex business world we don’t assume that cause-effect-mechanisms are clear but that effects are caused by an array of interdependencies. Based on these hypothesis we design & implement effective interventions and collect feedback. Achieved results lead to new hypothesis...


The information above is supposed to give you an overview of our approach to systemic consulting. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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